The Privacy Based Search Engine. Learn More.

Keep Your Searches Private

The Search Encrypt encrypts your search terms between your computer and

Search Encrypt's doesn’t track any identifiable information about its users. Search Encrypt is supported by sponsored ads featured on our search results page.

Intercept & Redirect

Searches are intercepted, encrypted locally, and redirected to our privacy-enhanced search engine.

Expiring Browser History

No one can snoop on your browser history! After 15 minutes of inactivity your search results can no longer be viewed.

Advanced Security & Encryption forces an advanced SSL encryption utilizing perfect forward security to keep you protected while searching and also encrypts your search term locally before being sent to our servers.

The Privacy Based Search Engine. Learn More.

Set as Default Search Engine
  1. Click Here to add us as a search engine
  2. You will be presented with this dialog: Install IE Search Engine
  3. Check the checkbox labeled Make this my default search provider
  4. Click the Add button.