Search Encrypt - The Privacy Based Search Engine

Search Encrypt was designed from the ground up with privacy as its core value.

The Big Search Engines' Big Secret

Did you know that most search engines have a profile on file about what kind of person they think you are? On most search engines, every single search you make is stored and analyzed to build a better idea of what demographic you fit into- all so that the companies can serve you advertisements they think you're more likely to click on. Your full search history is kept for months on these search engines and can be connected back to you and your family so that you see advertisements across the internet for things you searched for. And it gets worse! If you read the fine print in privacy policies for the most popular search engines, it says they can associate your search history with any account or email address you have with them- including Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo accounts.

Keep Your Private Information Private

While other search engines store every search you ever type, Search Encrypt holds your privacy above everything else. Search Encrypt knows about the dangers of large corporations and individuals trying to gain access to your private information and protects you so that you can search the web without a worry. Your private information is just that- private. Search Encrypt makes sure it stays that way.

Search Encrypt Protects You- Here's How

» We never collect or share your personal information.

It's impossible to share your personal information when we don't store any of it! We don't store your personal information and will never ask you for any private information to use our search services. Whereas other major search engines can be forced by governments to turn over your personal information, at Search Encrypt we don't even have any personal information about you to turn over.

» The highest standards of encryption

Many websites use SSL encrpytion to ensure that the connection between your browser and the website's servers is encrypted. At Search Encrypt we took it a few steps further than SSL. When designing our security systems we implemented Perfect-Forward Secrecy, which is an extra layer of protection and a strong improvement over the standard SSL that some other search engines use. As well, we added something that almost every other search engine has neglected- encryption on your own computer. When looking through your browser history on a normal search engine anyone can see what you've been searching for. When using Search Encrypt, searching through your browser history will not reveal any of your searches, and even clicking on one of the links will not show what you searched for, because we take your privacy seriously.

» No Third-Party Tools or Analytics

Nowadays most websites use Analytics packages like Google Analytics to analyze their user base and store information about who is accessing their site. While these companies gain some insight on the kind of audience they are reaching, the Analytics developers then give (or sell) this personal information to advertisers. At Search Encrypt we use no analytics on our search engine so that you are truly anonymous and your searches won't follow you around on the internet.

Search Encrypt - The Privacy Based Search Engine